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Prince Charming

As did most women, I fell into the trap of believing some buff, smooth talking stud was going to ride up (in a suit )on a Harley, and take me for the ride of my life called love. Ha. NOPE. Turns out I like nerdy awkward guys anyways…..the ones you can watch Star Wars or The Avengers with, ya know, the ones who realizes that sometimes you just want to wear a batman shirt and panties ALL day Saturday (Don’t judge me).


Well I ended up pushing away and hurting a lot of good (really mostly crappy guys), BUT before you mark me down as a man slaying bitch just know….they just weren’t IT. I simply do not believe in settling, even when everyone around me said I should, being proposed to twice and not just being overcome by “woman instincts” and screaming yes  without even thinking somehow makes everyone act like you are hard to please or being picky…..REALITY CHECK: I just knew those men were not the man to take my breath away or adoringly love me. When you ask a man why he loves you and he responds “You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen”……you kind of piece together the fact that he is a shallow D bag, you can quote me on that actually, and you are an idiot for dating him. Come on! What about my kick ass personality dummy? Anyways…. let’s move forward.

I have gone through a lot this past year and have handled my love life, and inevitably i’m sure a few other things as well, poorly to say the least, BUT even though things are in a strangeish place I am telling women(and men too) now DO NOT SETTLE, no matter how long you have been dating or how nice they are NEITHER OF THOSE MATTER when it comes to true happiness, those do not compare to being in love (finding your soulmate if you will)….that goes beyond comparison. It is not just the hopeless romantic hidden deep within me that SOMEHOW always finds it’s way out no matter how deep I bury her! I will never give up on him. My prince charming and I will live happily ever after and we may just drive off on that Harley into the sunset! You never know. :]



Men and I…

                           I have a very in your face and honest personality and for some reason men love that. People have always expressed how it amuses them how the more mean I am to men the more that makes them chase after me and I myself am baffled, I simply do it out of annoyance…I am a person not a collectors item gentlemen. None the less I find myself in quite a quandary VERY often due to this kink in the system of human nature. I have decided that maybe they just are not listening (no big surprise), because when I say “I’m not interested”…THAT is exactly what I meant….don’t ask me out and don’t take that as a challenge! Staring is so rude and it is even more rude to just wink….who does that! I hate my face maybe one day I will just cut it off and rid myself of it’s drama. Until then…it keeps life interesting.





Men are THE MOST CONFUSING creatures. There’s a wide variety so i’m not going to try to spout off “they are all the same” but they do like to play the same mind games. I have the worst luck too I only get hit on by two types 1)The menstruating she male: The one who says things like “Hey” and if you don’t text back immediately has a complete breakdown and texts you 57 times or 2)The typical douche: “Hey girl you got a keg in your pants….cause i’d tap that ass”. Such a charmer. Panty dropper 101 if you can hit on and insult her in the same sentence it’s golden. “Bitch you are so fine” and yes If you are wondering I have been blessed with that little number before. This isn’t even dating this is just me going to the damn grocery store. I think the answer is……I need to stop leaving my house. I’m a creep magnet.