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Pay attention pigs.

As a lady in general, and being curvaceous makes it worse, I have noticed men stare at me. Not only do they stare, sometimes they whistle and on occasion they bark….yes you heard me right. Today a man barked at me.

I got out of the car today to get my new phone set up and saw two gentlemen, or so I thought, staring at me. I, of course, was NOT impressed by their crude comments or trashy demeanor, but then one of them barked and I was disgusted and a little confused as to why he thought I would be interested. MEN DISGUST ME. Maybe treat a lady like a lady? Or do us both a favor and don’t speak to me at all, don’t acknowledge my presence and, for the sake of your dignity, do not bark at me….. class dismissed.




Men are THE MOST CONFUSING creatures. There’s a wide variety so i’m not going to try to spout off “they are all the same” but they do like to play the same mind games. I have the worst luck too I only get hit on by two types 1)The menstruating she male: The one who says things like “Hey” and if you don’t text back immediately has a complete breakdown and texts you 57 times or 2)The typical douche: “Hey girl you got a keg in your pants….cause i’d tap that ass”. Such a charmer. Panty dropper 101 if you can hit on and insult her in the same sentence it’s golden. “Bitch you are so fine” and yes If you are wondering I have been blessed with that little number before. This isn’t even dating this is just me going to the damn grocery store. I think the answer is……I need to stop leaving my house. I’m a creep magnet.