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Marriage…the happily NEVER after?


LOVE IS BEAUTIFUL. So with that being said why do so many people treat marriage like a joke or just the next step?

Marriage is for when you know without a doubt that you do not want to live one more day, let alone a lifetime without this person.

It is sad to see married people cheating, lying and openly discussing their dislike for their spouse. You wouldn’t destroy the  foundation to your house would you? Then why do it to your marriage! You cannot break every glass in your house then get angry because you are thirsty.

UNMARRIED PEOPLE: Wait…wait for the person who brightens your day in the darkest hour, the person who loves you just as you are but always pushes you to be the very best you. The person who leaves a mark so deep you never forget.

Married people:  It’s worth fighting for! Cheap thrills should never outrank the person who stands beside you in your darkest hour…who toils beside you to help make your dreams come true.


LOVE is unforgettable.Image