Pay attention pigs.

As a lady in general, and being curvaceous makes it worse, I have noticed men stare at me. Not only do they stare, sometimes they whistle and on occasion they bark….yes you heard me right. Today a man barked at me.

I got out of the car today to get my new phone set up and saw two gentlemen, or so I thought, staring at me. I, of course, was NOT impressed by their crude comments or trashy demeanor, but then one of them barked and I was disgusted and a little confused as to why he thought I would be interested. MEN DISGUST ME. Maybe treat a lady like a lady? Or do us both a favor and don’t speak to me at all, don’t acknowledge my presence and, for the sake of your dignity, do not bark at me….. class dismissed.


12 thoughts on “Pay attention pigs.

  1. Wow. I’ve not heard of them barking. That’s awful. Out here in Dubai the common trend is to just stare until even the people not being stared at are uncomfortable. Men are idiots in general. Can I apologise for my kind?

  2. This will never change the mindset of someone who engages in such actions. He has heard countless times before, the behavior is subhuman. However, he continues because he personally views nothing wrong with the action. It is akin to murderers, rapists, thieves, etc. Regardless of the current and new laws, they will continue carrying out these vile acts, simply because they want to. No amount of laws and commentary from people, will ever change their mindset until they decide to do so.

    For the life of me, and I am viewing this from a logical perspective, why in the world does one thing a barking/whistling sound, is a good “mating” call? Lol. How about, “Good morning. I noticed you were in a rush, but I just have to say your hair looks amazing.” This sounds reasonable enough to start the conversation.

  3. I wonder what the other animals would do in such a situation? Granted, we deem ourselves “civilized”, it seems that some have missed a step. I’m too afraid to look or even interact with women for that very idea, that all men are pigs. Who’s teaching what and how come I’m not barking too?

      1. I agree, I’m poor at communicating. I use a variation of what little I know in hopes to make sense to another. What I’m trying to say is plain in simple, there should be respect, albeit the instinctive nature of your being, towards anyone, male or female. Can’t say I would want someone barking at me. Although, being a man, I’m sure someone would have reason to bark at me.

      2. Well, I’ve been barked at, but it’s more for learning than what I’ve looked like. By the sounds of it, it sounds like a crude form of flattery, which doesn’t come across at all like anything positive. Maybe they are so simple, that they couldn’t actually give you a proper compliment. And being around their peers made them concede to peer pressure, that they just did what they think was expected of them?

      3. Anyways, thank you for the response. I hope I made some sense. I also hope that my question “what would animals do in such a situation?” wasn’t meant to be offensive. I forget that we are civilized animals.

        ps, sorry for being a man. at least you should know i would not bark at you. lol 🙂

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