The complicated creature.

I am indeed a complicated creature, in my defense however my multifaceted personality is what makes me so much fun to be around and I am told my bubbly, upbeat, sarcastic and daring personality is quite infectious. I simply refuse to not follow my instincts and heart, sometimes one more than the other.

I had a boyfriend tell me once that my carefree nature was both his favorite and least favorite quality of mine, which always intrigued me. He loved my personality, but then he felt disposable in my life so he tried to cage me up, comparing it to trying to capture a wild mustang.

I know I am complex and easygoing making myself a walking contradiction in almost every way imaginable. All of this to say I have spent my entire life being told I am too loud, not lady like enough, a bitch, weird, too sarcastic, cruel, unfeeling, too spontaneous, too high strung… so many things. The point to all of this is just be yourself, if you are happy and not causing harm to yourself or others then why not? Life is too short to try to be something you are not, it’s too short not to live every moment
like you’ll never get a second chance, because the truth is you may not. Be yourself, be true to yourself and the ones you love and be happy, and if you aren’t happy make the changes in yourself and your life to become happy.


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