The insect vs well ….Me.

Lets start off with the fact that I am terrified of most bugs. Early this morning when I was getting home (12-1am), I saw one emerge from hell or from under my couch, who really knows, and full on panic set in! I screamed bloody fucking murder. He quickly escaped as I tried to  plan out his demise or to atleast equipt myself with a shoe! I couldn’t get past it, I could not sleep knowing he could be lurking anywhere, ready to attack aka crawl on me and it made my skin crawl.

So it was time for the epic battle of wills, I DO NOT give up easily, I hunted him down like the foul beast he was and although he fought a good fight, I was the victor! I mean he really did, he crawled pretty fast and almost escaped, but driven by my fear and I like to think a little bravery, I did not give up until he was demolished, I hit him so many times to ensure he was indeed dead. And in the end ladies and gents, he is gone. Now I need an exterminator so I feel safe, that his brothers and sisters will not come looking to seek out revenge.



8 thoughts on “The insect vs well ….Me.

      1. Saw some nasty looking spiders there. I don’t like spiders when they’re not in a terrarium. When they’re hanging out on the bathroom wall of your hotel room they are a little off putting. lol

      2. But I will kill them if required. Or get someone in who knows if they are poisonous to do it. I don’t want to mess with the poisonous ones if there is an expert nearby.

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