Why I started blogging.

  Well…writing has always been my outlet, even before I actually let people read it.The difficulty of this past year, all the pain, really is why I started this blog (My decision, to give the baby I carried up for adoption). This last year has been…. one of the hardest years of my life, it really has, so much pain and then loss, many obstacles to overcome. Writing has been such a comfort to me and a coping mechanism. To be honest I felt so lost for quite awhile, but I found myself again in my writing, found a way to feel but release all that bottled up pain. Really my writing has given me back my purpose. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading and journing through this emotional experience with me. No matter what caused me to start blogging again, I am so glad I did. Taking life day by day, learning to stop and smell the roses again.



8 thoughts on “Why I started blogging.

  1. I always tell (who ever wants to hear) – ‘if you don’t understand art or feel like you don’t understand the need for drama movies or music like the jazz… you are the lucky few.’ Point is, pain gives us a new perspective. So, more bad experiences, more angles of thoughts, and a better understanding of art and music. Pain is a source of wisdom and the craving for solitude that follows, is a chance to sit and apprehend this wisdom.

  2. Writing is similar to music…it allows free expression and can bring together people from all walks of life, under one common theme–witnessing your expression. Continue releasing your expression, because you never know who can stumble upon your words and find inspiration.

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