Complacency or Success

It’s one or the other.Poisoning the lives of many, day by day. Life is too short (don’t roll your eyes, as cliche as it is it happens to be true) to live a life full of complacency. We get stuck living our menial lives and forget to chase after our dreams! Achieving them isn’t the best part, sometimes it’s the journey, the people we meet and lessons we learn along the way. Nothing more satisfying than progress! Better than letting your dreams collect dust or worse shrivel up and die, you have to keep feeding them for a chance at success! Live your life with passion and never forget the moments, people and things that push you!

Do you think an acorn ever dreamed it would be a mighty oak? OF COURSE NOT but no one ever taught it how to doubt it’s self. It takes a very long time, all good things do (think about it), but the end result is beautiful and breath taking! If your dreams don’t scare you, they simply are not big enough.



4 thoughts on “Complacency or Success

  1. “No one ever taught it how to doubt itself.”

    This is a huge factor as to why young kids with a robust imagination, begin to see their dreams dwindle with age. They are constantly bombarded with doubt, upon every dream they whisper. When we have children, that will not happen in our house. If you think you can become an astronaut, all the while competing a 10K race, you will never hear a peep from mom and dad that you are incapable.

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