25 Weird things I do

1) I Wear boxers to bed. So breezy! Gotta let my lady business breathe.

2)Eat crutons instead of chips. YUM YUM

3)Shower to motivate me to workout. Dumb but it ALWAYS works!

4)Wear unmatching socks. I actually hate them to match.

5)Hang up all of my clothes INCLUDING T-shirts. Have to be facing the same way.

6)All my hangers have to be the same.

7)I eat sauce on everything, the sauce varies but it will always be there.

8)Have to shower before bed or I feel like I am wallowing in germs.

9)HATE people wearing my shoes. GROSS.

10)Randomly burst out in song or make up a song about what I am doing. “Doing my dishes, scrubing them clean wha ooo ooh”

11)I have to wear makeup of I go anywhere. The gym, the mailbox, to get medicine.

12)Shave my legs with conditioner. You are welcome. That’s how I keep them silky soft.

13)Eat steak more times than a normal person. I am in love with steak. There I said it.

14)Pep talk myself before I do anything big. “Listen after you do this laundry you can treat yourself to a bubble bath”

15)Refer to myself as Daddy or Daddy Bethany to most males. They fucking hate it.

16)Hate chinese food. I know I know but I can’t help it! It makes me so sick.

17)Wear leggings every moment I possibly can. It is like being naked, so breathable and they make my ass look great.

18)Laugh when things are awkward or uncomfortable. It is just a knee jerk reaction.

19)Tell my sister EVERYTHING. I can not lie to her or keep things from her. She can tell.

20)Like to sleep on my couch more than my bed. It is comfortable I JUST LIKE THE SECURITY IF MY COUCH.

21)Make lists for everything. Packing, cleaning, where I wanna grab food!

22)Dip my grilled cheese in ketchup. Shut your damn mouth. Try it then you will regret being so judgemental.

23)Drink chocolate milk almost every night. I accept apologies in the form of chocolate milk.

24) Hate ice cream. I know. Unless it is dipped in chocolate or has chucks of something I like in it. It’s like licking frozen milk….weird.

25)I carry a pocket knife in my bra at all times. Gotta be prepared ladies. You are never worried when you ALWAYS have a weapon.


10 thoughts on “25 Weird things I do

  1. I’ve often had a better night’s sleep on my couch than on my bed. I can relate to that one. As for the showering before going to the gym, well, that is an oddity. But if it works, keep doing it.
    Keep wearing the leggings as well, but only cause you want to. Not cause some of yours readers would appreciate it too.
    I’ve got to be in the mood for Chinese food. And I too, love a good steak. Fuck it, I love a bad steak.

  2. Wow..you’re cool. 😀 I have a lot of the same kinds of likes and dislikes. Especially about shoes. Okay there are some weird things, but that is what makes you unique. SSSSTTTEeeaaakkkk!!! Drooling! 😀

    1. I mean I am obsessed with steak! No such thing as a bad steak, or you’d have to really try to mess it up. Right! I think that means WE are cool then! I have missed seeing you around my neck of the woods AKA my blog.

      1. Trying to get back there more often. Just having some difficulties at this time and not feeling very positive. I would rather not reflect that in my blog right now. So, kind of working on other things. 😀

      2. Ahhhh. Well I am sorry life has thrown you some difficult obstacles to overcome BUT you can overcome them. My blog is my outlet, I always just release my thoughts and it always helps. Chin up beautiful it’s always darkest before the dawn.

  3. I used to have an addiction to croutons. LoL. I would grab a bowl after a meal years ago and just enter culinary paradise. My wife does not understand why I used to sleep on my floor, versus bed, before we got our place together. It was just comfortable for me. lol. She thinks I am nuts. I love #25. Awesome. My wife has pepper spray. I am perhaps a leggings and yoga pants aficionado. I love seeing her wearing them as we are lounging at home, or working out together. I cannot help myself from buying a few while out. I see nothing wrong with #5. lol.

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