The facade of wisdom

As my 23rd birthday quickly approaches I find myself facing issues way beyond my years, as always really , but I have lived a very unusual life filled with many obstacles and issues most don’t ever have to face let alone at the young ages I did.  I find myself looking deep into the waters of self reflection and seeking out the answers to life, really trying so desperately to (re)find who I am/was and where my next steps should be. Life has thrown me some pretty wicked curve balls recently and I might have played a part, maybe even unknowingly thrown a few my own way with life’s hypothetical boomerang. Who knows really.  I thought I had it figured out and my life was steadily headed in the right direction (HA!).

All I know is this I have so many things to be thankful for and this heaping pile of nonsense life keeps surrounding me with is just another set of obstacles to overcome and once I do ,I will be stronger for it. Empowerment comes from within and I am too strong of a person to let anything keep me down. Real strength is not the ability to keep from being knocked down, but rather when you search deep within yourself and find that push to get back up again, no matter how many times you fall, trip or get knocked over.  I just wanna say that if you are reading this I hope it inspires you to look within yourself and seek change and growth, we should always be growing, anything alive is always growing, sometimes we are just too caught up in the big things we forget the little things have impact as well, an entire garden comes from a handful of seeds! So stop sitting around waiting for growth, invoke change, water, prune, uproot the weeds and do all the other things necessary for you to thrive and flourish in life! So if you wanna throw some positivity or nuggets of wisdom my way I always have my glove up to catch them. HAVE A SIMPLY SPECTACULAR DAY.




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