Men and I…

                           I have a very in your face and honest personality and for some reason men love that. People have always expressed how it amuses them how the more mean I am to men the more that makes them chase after me and I myself am baffled, I simply do it out of annoyance…I am a person not a collectors item gentlemen. None the less I find myself in quite a quandary VERY often due to this kink in the system of human nature. I have decided that maybe they just are not listening (no big surprise), because when I say “I’m not interested”…THAT is exactly what I meant….don’t ask me out and don’t take that as a challenge! Staring is so rude and it is even more rude to just wink….who does that! I hate my face maybe one day I will just cut it off and rid myself of it’s drama. Until then…it keeps life interesting.




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