Pet peeve Monday: Come on in the waters warm

Today we shall call…. “Pet peeve Monday”. That’s where we talk about things that get on my last nerve. Let’s begin shall we? (feel free to chime in)

1) Terrible drivers which include BUT are not limited to: A) The slow poke DEAR GOD I HAVE SOMEWHERE TO BE, B) The how I got a license no one knows which is self explanatory, C) The asshat oh you know the one who cuts you off, drives to work BLARING crap music or rides your ass because you aren’t going 30 over the speed limit.

2) Noisy eaters….are you having sex with that sandwich or are you eating it!?! Shut your mouth while you chew and why are you moaning? Apparently you need a sexual outlet…..besides food.

3) The interrupter: Oh we all know. Perhaps it doesn’t bother some (it should), It drives me effing nuts. I AM TALKING and if you are rude or stupid enough to interrupt me….I will call you out.

3) The overly affectionate Now don’t mark me down as a love hater just yet! I am disgusted by people who make out in such a disgusting, loud and public manner that you aren’t quite sure if she just got pregnant. PLEASE I am trying to eat breakfast.

4) The Nosy mother fucker: The people who never talk to you unless it’s digging and prying into your personal life. “Oh you aren’t wearing makeup today…You aren’t feeling well? Problems at home?” or the ones that walk up to you while you are texting and say “what are you doing”…..we both know what I am doing, what you mean is “WHO ARE YOU TEXTING” don’t play.

5) Disgusting men: The ones who stare at you so hard and uncomfortably that you feel molested AND don’t know which is worse that or when/if they muster up the courage to say something that is so awkward and inappropriate that you wish you had just worn sweat pants today. Why did I wear make up today…?! YOU ARE GROSS!



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