Let’s explore eachother.

Dear readers…or just myself (so hard to tell on the internet)…we have yet to play the get to know me game so i shall excite you with what i like to refer to as “All that is Bethany” so let’s peer into my depths….Warning i myself don’t know what waters we are about to dive into so i apologize in advance. :]

I am a different breed than most, unique i guess they call it. So lets start with the “basics” and see where we end up. I will be a 23 year old in August and am a firm believer that every birthday after 22 is nothing short of terrifyingly close to being the crypt keeper, I am  most notorious for my loud (and I mean very loud) laugh, that a past boyfriend accused me of making louder for attentions sake, completely false, I just like to enjoy myself  way too much, plain and simple.

I am an almost natural redhead, my red hair is the longest standing committed relationship i have EVER been in. People say i will get tired of dying it but we’ve been doing our thing for almost 7 years now and I still am deeply in love.

I make sound effects for my daily life and just make sounds period actually, i like to think it means i am very animated. I speak my mind…and not in the cute I speak my mind when it’s convenient kind of way, I literally say what i am thinking most of the time (if i have to pee i will say so and if i hate something i will tell you) I in no way mean to offend or hurt anyone i am just an open book, people either really like me or they really hate me but i am okay with that because it means i am always the same me and i don’t alter myself because of whose around. I am a single mother to my beautiful daughter Addie and she is a mess guys but i am so crazy in love with her. I am terrified of  clowns and the dark and in no way think it’s funny to play on or combine those fears. I am definitely a lover and an encourager which sometimes conflicts with my blunt and blatant honesty so i mix it all up and lay it on you.


If you read this far i am very impressed, it’s taken me my entire life to digest and accept all of my quirks.

I love murder shows: Dexter, law and order, criminal minds, cold case, etc (excluding bones, i don’t like it). I love chocolate milk, hot wings, owls, bubble baths and Jesus. I of course don’t shove any of those things down your throat but if we hang out enough you will learn to enjoy/tolerate their ever present existence in my life. I try to refrain but profanity and I have a thing. I look forward to exploring your depths via blog or chit chat.

 Thanks for your time and I hope you did not feel it was wasted.



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