To move forward you have to stop looking back.

       Such an overused and under received statement. In honesty the depth of this truth is lost on us, EVEN IN IT’S SIMPLICITY.  So many of lives truths go undigested, keeping us blissfully ignorant. The truth is dwelling in the past (the shoulda coulda wouldas) is like crossing the road with your eyes closed. Stop living in the past or wondering how you can get back what you had, unfortunately in life things will never be like they used to be BUT that doesn’t mean you can’t get up and make something beautiful out of now. Now is tomorrows yesterday so stop living a life of regret and don’t make today more wasted time. So many people would give one more day to be with loved ones they’ve lost, it’s called THE GIFT OF LIFE so stop being that bratty little kid complaining about his many (unrecognized) blessings. Every day you wake up with air in your lungs is a beautiful unwritten page in the book of YOU. Time to get out of the nest and soar, you may not get it right the first try but it gets closer each time and that’s better than sitting back being too afraid to take the leap.Image


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